USB Firewall Software to lockdown USB on standalone PCs Kontroluj porty USB. Zacznij ochraniać swoje dane od dziś! Endpoint Security Software to lockdown USB and monitor all device activity in networks
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Endpoint Protector

And your data is safe from inside data theft.
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Endpoint Protector Hardware Appliance for Device Control and Endpoint Security
Our appliance will protect your network endpoints against intentional data theft, data leakage and accidental data loss through portable devices

Endpoint Protector for Device Control explained in plain English
With Endpoint Protector you have full control, manageability and transparency what is happening at your PC and Macs ports

Device Control, USB Lockdown and Control for Mac OS X
Controlling the use of USB, FireWire, SD Card Reader, Bluetooth, etc on your Mac is vital to protect your data

My Endpoint Protector explained in plain English
Device Control can be so easy

How My Endpoint Protector Works
Device Control & Endpoint Security as a Service (SaaS)

Endpoint Protector
And your data is safe from inside data theft.

What is Endpoint Security?

Find out what Endpoint Security is about.

Endpoint Protector 2008 Introduction

Have a look how your data gets secured by Endpoint Protector.

What is Podslurping?

Data can be stolen/slurped using iPods or other portable devices. Protect your data!